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ABOUTHarley Lippman CEO Founder of Genesis 10

Politicking the intersection of policy, security and technology

“Preserving Memory,

Documenting History”

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About Harley Lippman founder Genesis 10

Harley Lippman combines visionary goals of creating partnerships between peoples is combined with pragmatism with regard to what is realistically achievable.

Whether it be in business or foreign policy, Harley focuses on bottom-line results rather than the process itself. This has created enormous value for policymakers leading Harley to be recognized by Forbes as “a great example of ‘soft power’ in Washington. He is one of the few people who maintain a good relationship with both sides of the aisle and has a reputation for being highly effective.” Forbes further commented that Harley’s collegiate approach to leadership in business applies to his involvement in policy.

“Harley applies the same ‘outside-the-box thinking’ as he does in business, applying creativity to mediate and problem-solve crises in the world.”

Media Expert & Publications Offering Media Insights & Expertise

Harley Lippman is recognised as a thought leader in international affairs offering commentary on breaking news to international outlets including: Dutch, Swiss and Chinese and Saudi TV outlets.

Cambodia Orphanages Learning Centers

Unearthing Mass Graves in Poland